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Heal. Inspire. Empower.

Heal. Inspire. Empower.Heal. Inspire. Empower.

Malkah Bat-Tzion



 "I want to give a glimpse to what lies beneath the surface of mundane thought; a spark of what exists inside the pursuit of mysteries.”  -Malkah



Malkah Bat-Tzion is an Intuitive Healer, Artist, and Life Coach. She is energized by her mission to heal, inspire, and empower women through Spiritual Arts. Malkah is especially passionate about helping women break free from Codependency, Drama and Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse so they can attain self-love, self-worth, and inner peace. Her innate gifts rooted and grounded in Divination along with her multidisciplinary background contribute to her cause. Malkah’s innate gift of Prophecy is expressed in the forms of Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairtangency, and Clairempathy. She communicates fluently with the Divine, angels, spirit guides, and the deceased that seek to transmit a message to their loved ones. From a young age she has read and worked with the energy of others to heal and bring divine guidance.

Malkah's education includes both B.A. and B.S. degrees, spiritual training with focus upon Prophecy, and postgraduate work in Life and Health Coaching. Along the traditional path, her careers include Gifted Education French Teacher, Spa & Skincare Specialist, and Registered Nurse. No matter what mainstream profession she undertook, Malkah found that her intuition and healing nature always poured out and spearheaded her labors. 

Over decades, in the role of an Intuitive Healer, she has helped people on an individual and collective level. In recent years, Malkah expanded into creating intuitive paintings as a healing modality for herself and others. Her paintings hang in private collections, have been exhibited regionally, and have also been featured in international based publications. 

She considers all of life’s experiences to be stepping-stones to discovering and submitting to Divine Purpose. Malkah embraces the Divine Call to be a Spiritual Messenger and Healer in the fullest capacity. She is excited about sharing her spiritual gifts and artistic creations worldwide to help others heal and live their best lives.

Specialty Areas:

· Prophecy/Divination

· Healing from Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse

· Deliverance from Codependency

· Intuitive Healing Art- Spirit Painting

· Spiritual Apothecary



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Healing Artistic Creations:

Guided Meditations

Intuitive Spirit Paintings

Signature Spiritual Life Design Programs



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my spiritual journey


From early childhood, Divine Revelation was second nature to me and I loved, loved, loved, sharing my gifts to help others!

Although I operated in my gifts from a young age and later went on to serve others upon numerous spiritual platforms, I was immersed in incredible darkness for a long, long time. My personal experience with sexual, spiritual, physical, and psychological abuse was serial and relentless for many years. The trauma caught up with me and inevitably caused setbacks, dysfunction, and debilitation. The Narcissistic and Sociopathic Personalities were major players in pushing me to  doubt myself, my identity, and suppress my divine gifts, calling, and service to others. I became conditioned to walk on eggshells, do everything except what I was divinely called to do to please others and perpetuate destructive patterns.


Such a difficult life path forced me to go deep within myself to discover oneness with the Divine and develop spiritual solutions for healing.  I’m delighted to share that after much perseverance, inner work, and cultivation of spiritual practices, I've overcome  such adversity and its ill effects.

My valley experiences were not in vain but of HIGH VALUE - for my spiritual growth and to help others. The composition of “My Story” is what I needed to be refined,  and acquire seasoned ability to help others who resonate and are in need. You're not alone. I'm available with Divine Assistance to empower you to help yourself heal and live a life that you truly love.

I offer the opportunity for you to experience Positive Life Disruption. If my  my offerings, and my energy resonate with you, don’t hesitate to invest in yourself and work with me. It would be an honor to offer you my gifts, talents, and experience in support of your healing journey.  

artist statement

Artist Statement


I’m a self-taught artist who is especially invigorated by the abstract and symbolism. I intuitively devote my efforts to passionately cultivating what yearns to be expressed from within and from subtle realms. I don’t approach creating a painting with a specific aesthetic intention; I submit myself to the unseen with wondrous expectation. The translation of this experience faithfully materializes. I also find comfort from what has been spoken from within me, “All is perfect, there are no mistakes.” So, with each brush stroke, finger touch, and lathering on of a symphony of colors, I joyfully play and intentionally heal.

The media that I use are oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on wood, pastel on canvas, and pastel on paper. Gestural character, texture, spirits, and ethereal images  are common elements found in my paintings.

Painting for me is healing to the soul, an opportunity to kiss bliss, authenticity, and self-discovery. My inspiration comes from communion with the Divine, angelic beings, my intuition, and a desire to bless others. While creating, I often go into a trance- caught up in listening, seeing, and feeling utterances, visions, and vibrations that encircle round about me, inside of me, and through me. I allow the art to come forth as a healing gift to myself and to the world. 

Giving Art to Your Heart


I intentionally created each art piece with Divine Helpers to bring about healing to the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul. It is my prayer that upon view and meditation upon my work you'll experience more than meets the natural eye - deep insights into your Highest Self and heavenly energetic upgrades.

art collection


From the Artwork page under, Paintings you can view my work. You can also buy online any of the artwork that I currently have available in my studio. Original paintings for sale will be listed as available. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to email me at malkah@neriyyah.com or use the Contact form on my website to get in touch.

I'm creating new art in my studio and developing a new catalog at this time. Artwork updates will post on the artwork and Shop page upon completion of this project. Subscribe to my email list at the bottom of the page to stay up-to-date with new collections and exclusive offers. 

Kind Words

"I'M HUMBLED & HAPPY TO SHARE MY GIFTS to help others." -Malkah

"Your words flow like the river that never runs dry. Thank you, for the positive thoughts." 

E. Scott


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