Malkah Bat-Tzion



 "I want to give a glimpse to what lies beneath the surface of mundane thought; a spark of what exists inside the pursuit of mysteries.”  -Malkah


Malkah Bat-Tzion is a self-taught artist  and South Carolina native based in Conway, South Carolina. Her canvases are a platform for spontaneous gesture, textural irregularity, and cryptic play as a result of her personal style of Abstract Expressionism and Symbolism. Malkah takes an Intuitive approach with her creative works applying a generous mélange of pigments and manipulating them until she "strikes gold". She often paints imagery layer upon layer, each one contributing a story, depth, ripple, and intentional healing energy to her work. Her paintings have a multi-faceted life of their own. Malkah's paintings also often portray an ethereal world that penetrates and peels away at the perplexities of spiritual evolution. “I desire to create dialogue that always points back to oneself for introspection. I want to give a glimpse to what lies beneath the surface of mundane thought; a spark of what exists inside the pursuit of mysteries.” She has the keen ability of what she describes as “capturing energy” to produce a visual language that unveils spiritual truths specific to the subject in mind. 


Malkah's education includes both a B.A. and B.S. degree, and postgraduate work in life and health coaching. Her career began as a Gifted Education French teacher and later she worked as a Registered Nurse in specialties including Nursery, Pediatrics, and Hospice. She considers all of life’s experiences to be stepping-stones to finding purpose. In 2017, her love for creating art became undeniable. She has now embraced a divine calling to create artworks that are inspiring, spiritually energizing, and enlightening for others. Malkah considers her artwork a celebration of life and healing for souls. 

Malkah's paintings hang in private collections nationally and have also been featured in international based publications.  She is passionate about continuing to share her art worldwide and continues to explore new methods of artistic expression.

Artist Statement


I’m a self-taught artist who is especially invigorated by the abstract. I intuitively devote my efforts to passionately cultivating what yearns to be expressed from within and from subtle realms. I don’t approach creating a painting with a specific aesthetic intention; I submit myself to the unseen with wondrous expectation. The translation of this experience faithfully materializes. I also find comfort from what has been spoken from within me, “All is perfect, there are no mistakes.” So, with each brush stroke, finger touch, and lathering on of a symphony of colors, I joyfully play.

The media that I use are oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on wood, pastel on canvas, and pastel on paper. Gestural character, texture, ethereal images, and sacred geometry are common elements found in my paintings.

Painting for me is an opportunity to kiss bliss, authenticity, and self-discovery. My inspiration comes from communion with the Creator and angelic beings, spiritual evolution, my intuition, and a desire to bless others. While creating, I’m caught up in listening, seeing, and feeling utterances, visions, and vibrations that encircle round about me, inside of me, and through me. I allow the art to come forth as a healing gift to myself and to the world. 

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